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The play is set in 1941 in a tenement in Little Italy, New York and the story is based around three generations of an immigrant family who originate from Sicily. The family runs a successful butchers and they are also musical: the menfolk play guitar and sing and the women dance. Throughout the play we see the cultural differences and challenges an immigrant family face as they assimilate to a new country, the pressures this can cause on the relationships and how it can break a family apart as the younger generation want to belong with the society they were born into and the older generation hold onto their past. The threat from the local mafia and the unfolding of war in Europe provides the element of danger against which these domestic issues are played out. Tarantella is a full length play written in English with a smattering of Italian and Sicilian dialect spoken throughout. Original music has been composed for the production which features a talented and international cast.

Writer & Director - Elizabeth Bowe

Composer & Musical Director - Benjamin Ellin

Choreographer - Huw Prall

Producer - Valia Phyllis Zwart

Assistant Producer - Anna Wrang

Cast: Luca Fiorilli, Neil Gardner, Ylva Hanson, Siggi Holm, Maya Lindh, Victor Majorin, Fabrizio Matteini, Louise Moberg,  Livia Berte, Mira Pranger, Dominic Quinn, Aron Trausti, Frederik Von Luettichau

Tarantella is being performed at The Omnibus Theatre, Clapham in London from the 31st August until the 11th September 2016.  Please click on the link below for further details and tickets -

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